How to get current user IP Address in Deno

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In this post we are going to see how to get user IP address in deno.

Please note that IP address is considered personal data so please ensure to follow the data privacy laws.

Step 1: Setup

Create a index.ts file and write hello world deno program


const port = 8080;

const handler = (request: Request): Response => {
  return Response.json({ message: "hello world" });

Deno.serve({ port }, handler);

Now in terminal run the following command and go to http://localhost:8080


deno run --allow-net --watch index.ts

Step 2: Getting User Ip

Now to get ip address we will access the second arguement that would be info that contains the network information along with other informations


const port = 8080;

const handler = (request: Request, info: Deno.ServeHandlerInfo): Response => {
  return Response.json({ userIP: info.remoteAddr.hostname });

Deno.serve({ port }, handler);

Now visit localhost again and you will see the output.

You will get the response


{"userIP":  ""}

This is not right, right? But don’t worry this will perfectly work in the deployed version.

To check go to deno playground (requires authentication) and paste the code and you will see the output


So in this post we used deno to get the current user ip address. Please note user ip is private info so you should follow the rule aroound this.

If you have any queries we can discuss it on discord channel.